About Meandering Press

Meandering Press is a publishing imprint of Spillian LLC, a retreat and event center offering programming in imagination, story, myth, creativity, sustainability, and community.

In 2019, Meandering Press is launching as a digital and print publishing effort with a series of both short and full-length publications in the works, exploring the weavings between imagination, myth, psychology, culture, and nature. We meander, so this is a fairly broad brush.

Our goal is to produce and support work that is intellectually and creatively rigorous while reaching beyond traditional academic audiences. We believe that the ideas in this work sit in the intersections between academia and popular culture, and seek to be a part of ongoing conversations about how education and the spread of ideas are growing and changing in this era.

In addition to independent works from scholars/practioners in these fields, we will be building a collection of works delving into defining the shape of the study of myth and its role in contemporary culture. This collection with be ‘peer curated’ — an effort to find a new model beyond traditional academic peer review processes  that sets a bar that is high enough that the work here represents really good thought in the field while staying open to various voices and modalities so the canon is fluid and enlivened.

Our goal with this peer curated process is to honor the sense of being caretakers. The etymology of the word curate:  late 14c., “spiritual guide,” from Medieval Latin curatus “one responsible for the care (of souls),” from Latin curatus, past participle of curare “to take care of”.

We view this work as the beginning of an ongoing conversation, and look forward to engaging with you.


About Spillian: A Place to Revel

Spillian is a portal for imagining, grounded deeply both in a sense of place and of play. Our dream is that everyone who engages with us will step back into their lives empowered to bring creative energy into their work, their relationships, and the world. We offer workshops, curated weekends celebrating the Catskills, weddings and celebrations, and special events, all born in a spirit of deep co-creation with our stakeholders, our clients, our community, and our landscape.

The Spillian Mission: we seek to create physical gathering place where people can revel in new ideas, possibilities, and experiences within a vibrant, sustainable business model.

In our first four years, we’ve brought thousands of guests to the mountain, and thousands of dollars to the local economy. We’ve built partnerships with extraordinary individuals and organizations around the region and around the world. We’ve launched two radio programs, and a regional grassroots tourism project, Catskills Trout Tales. And we’ve brought a really special property back to life, even as we are dreaming its next layers.

Spillian is becoming an internationally recognized force in global work on personal, cultural, and sustainable imagination, bringing energy, visitors, and opportunities to the Catskill Mountains. Learn more here.