Our Creators

We have a select but  growing community of creators sharing their work with us, and with you. They are writers, poets, artists, mythologists and mythographers, and workers of story in deep (and sometimes light!) ways.

Leigh Melander, Ph.D.

leighphoto1Founding Fomenter of both Spillian: A Place to Revel and Meandering Press, Leigh is a lover of all things eclectic, leaper to the next ridge (real or metaphorical), and close personal friend of the Queen of Frivolity.  She has a doctorate in Cultural Mythology and Psychology, served for several years on the Board of the Joseph Campbell Foundation, and is amused and bemused to have been featured as a talking head for a mythology series on the History Channel. Her first work for Meandering Press is an exploration of power of small frivolous rebellions in changing our lives. Psyche’s Choice: The Frivolous Revolution is now available on Amazon.




Bradley Olson, Ph.D.

bradley2Bradley is a practicing psychotherapist, poet, former cop and hockey player who stuns the world with his sartorial elegance. Coming soon: his collection of exquisite essays, Falstaff Was My Tutor, muses on the vagaries and delights of life with a delicate dance of humor, hope, and despair.  Generous, generative, at times stark, always richly illuminating, these essays are quiet gems that will work in your psyche throughout your day. We recommend eating them one at a time, so you can really savor their nuanced flavor.



Stay tuned for more news on additional creators and their work!