Our Creators

We have a select but rapidly growing community of creators sharing their work with us, and with you.

Leigh Melander, Ph.D.

leighphoto1Founding Fomenter of both Spillian: A Place to Revel and Meandering Press, Leigh is a lover of all things eclectic, leaper to the next ridge (real or metaphorical), and close personal friend of the Queen of Frivolity.  She has a doctorate in Cultural Mythology and Psychology, sits on the Board of the Joseph Campbell Foundation, and is amused and bemused to be making her debut appearance on national television this year as a talking head for a mythology series on the History Channel. Her first work for Meandering Press is an exploration of the audacity of creating something big and new, entitled, Just This Side of Crazy: 96 Soul Rules to Guide Your Wild Idea to Life, and should be showing up as a completed work in late spring, 2015.

Her second effort is a recasting of her doctoral dissertation on the power of frivolity as an opening into imagination and creativity.  This work is coming in three short chunks as a three part  Pointless Revolution Handbook, starting (ever so frivolously) with the second in the series: A Herd of Words: The Pointless Revolution Handbook Part II, a frivolous dictionary.  With limericks, blank verse, silliness, and marvelous 19th engravings and woodcuts, an amuse bouche  for your brain, designed to inspire you to goof off just a bit more and skip sideways into creativity.


Bradley Olson, Ph.D.

bradley2Bradley is a practicing psychotherapist, poet, former cop and hockey player who stuns the world with his sartorial elegance. His collection of exquisite essays, Falstaff Was My Tutor, muses on the vagaries and delights of life with a delicate dance of humor, hope, and despair.  Generous, generative, at times stark, always richly illuminating, these essays are quiet gems that will work in your psyche throughout your day. We recommend eating them one at a time, so you can really savor their nuanced flavor.
Coming in spring, 2015.


Melissa LaFlamme, MA

melissaMelissa is a practicing depth psychotherapist and writer, wild seeker, and community builder. She writes prose poems that leap off the page, grab you by the collar, and demand you dance with them. They are extraordinarily vibrant, and will spin your sense of what’s possible on its head.

We were delighted to offer Melissa’s book, What You Are For as an eBook in 2014. Inspired by the response, she is working to self publish it as a print book. We are thrilled for her! You can find out more here:




Stay tuned for more news on additional creators and their work!